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Welcome to Aqua Phase™
A Better Way To Clean Wheelchairs & Medical Equipment

Aqua Phase Merges the Latest System Technology
With the Pride of Old-Fashion Craftsmanship
Aqua Phase is an innovative, automatic, sealed washer.  High quality performance combined with simple utilization allows a thorough wash.

Aqua Phase has been developed to satisfy your specific needs in washing and disinfecting wheelchairs, walkers, carts, containers, and other "hard-to-clean" medical equipment supplied by healthcare providers to their clients.

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View the Aqua Phase Line of Washers
- Variety of models with varying features and price levels that can be customized to fit your special needs.

 All models have double-walled stainless steel construction.

Finding The Right Aqua Phase Model
- Your needs will determine the features, options, & price that's right for you.

The AQ-Sprite F-250 from Aqua Phase.
- An efficient, basic medical equipment washer that gets the job done.  Comparable to other wheelchair washers on the market.  For pricing on popular washer packages from Aqua Phase, Call 800-208-9274 

Watch Aqua Phase Video
     Media Player WMV - 10 mb  
     MPG1 High Bandwidth - 18 mb
     RealVideo DSL - 16 mb  

Proven Test Results
- With Aqua Phase, improve your efficiency and enhance your infection control program.  See "Excellent" Test Results.

Equipment Washer Buyer's Guide.pdf
Know the right questions to ask and GET ANSWERED before you buy.  Quality counts just as much today as it ever has.

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